Aleksandra Domanović


Alessandra Domanović’s Landscape with a Woman takes its title from the 1989 film of the same title directed by Ivica Matić, who died just one month after the shooting over a decade prior to the film’s completion. The film tells the story of Sumar, a man who disrupts a small town with his penchant for painting landscapes and nude women next to his day job as a logger. In an homage to the film’s protagonist, Domanović presents a sculpture that continues her series of votives, this time made out of simple plywood. A series of paintings inspired by those featured in the film, placed in the hands of the votive, alternate throughout the exhibition. Following its release, the film was widely lauded for its depiction of the conflict between art and society, as Sumar slowly becomes consumed with his passion.


Aleksandra Domanović (1981, Serbia) lives in Berlin, Germany, working across a range of media to investigate the circulation of imagery and information. The disintegration of Yugoslavia is also a recurring theme in the artist’s work. Her work has been shown widely in numerous exhibitions, including at those Edicije, Klosterfelde Edition, Berlin, Germany (2020); The Falseness of Holes, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Milano, Italy (2019); Untitled (In My Feelings), MOCA Cleveland, USA (2018); Kalbträgerin, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany (2017); Votives, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK (2017); Bulls without Horns, Tanya Leighton, Berlin (2016); Mother of This Domain, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, USA (2016). Domanović was awarded the ars viva Prize of Visual Arts for 2014/15.