Milica Janković


Temporary Zone… is a site-specific, audio-environmental, interactive installation situated in the outdoor space of Fortress Mamula. Montenegrin artist Milica Janković envisions it as a sanctuary where nature and humanity harmoniously coexist, collaboratively crafting a sonic and visual landscape contingent upon one's presence. Every movement triggers a diverse interplay of sounds that blend and harmonize, fashioning a lively and responsive environment that extends a warm invitation to remain fully engaged with the surroundings. During the evening, a light installation, influenced by motion and the audio composition, becomes visible, elevating the immersive experience. Visitors are encouraged to slow down, take their time, and submerge themselves in the various ephemeral zones within the installation, each offering a distinctive composition, rhythm, and sensory encounter.


Milica Jankovićis a Montenegrin visual artist currently residing in Italy. She is the founder of the Cultural Association Atelie22 (2019) and the Publishing House A22 (2022). Over the past five years, she has curated and organized numerous international projects that promote culture and experimental art and education, such as the International Multimedia Festival Re/Shaping the City in Cetinje, Montenegro (2021), supported and financed by the Prince Claus Fund (Amsterdam); publication "I selfie, therefore I am - The magical world of selfies - Between art and social vitrification," author art critique Antonello Tolve, and many others.

Milica Jankovic has also taken partin various solo and group international exhibitions and festivals spanning China, Malaysia, Montenegro, Italy, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Finland, Canada, Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia over the last seven years. In 2021, she was selected as one of 64 artists and cultural activists for the We Are Europe-Todaysart Festival of Art and New Technologies in The Hague, Netherlands. She is winner of numerous art awards, including the Young Visual Artists Award 2022 from the Institute for Contemporary Art with support from RU (Residency Unlimited) and the Trust for Mutual Understanding in New York, USA. Additionally, she received the First prize for installation at the XV Biennial of Miniature (2020), the First prize at the 53rd Contemporary Art Salon in Montenegro (2020), and a Recognition for the importance of the expressed concept at the 69th Premio G.B. Salvi, Paessaggi multipli (2019).