Walking with Water Public Program

A partnership with Biljana Ciric and Balkan Projects related to the Walking with Water Solo Exhibition of Vladimir Nikolic as part of the Republic of Serbia Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale
Museum of Contemporary Art

The Walking with Water Public Program will be a three-day event of talks and workshops. Taking thinking with water and "learning to stay with the trouble," (Haraway) as its point of departure, the main goal is to build awareness of our broad array of relations to the earth and all its human and non-human inhabitants. The gathering will address the possibility of imagining different forms of proximities, coexistences, and interrelatedness. Forms that we have started to learn more intensively in recent years, as we are increasingly reminded to breathe otherwise and to imagine otherwise.

Acknowledging the essential contribution of many peers in the field for conceptualizing the Serbian pavilion, we take this moment of coming together to expand our understanding of interconnectedness, to learn and share with each other. This public moment is also initiated to address a need to communicate and return the discourse around the project, to the place and context where it was born, finding ways to share it with local communities. The pandemic's inequality accelerated the instability we live in—both with regards to economic means, but also in terms of vaccination access and approvals—and directly reflected who has access to equal participation and on what terms. This public program is our response and contribution to that conversation.

The event will be public and free of charge.

Participants: Andrea Palasti and The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA), Filipa Ramos, Biljana Ćirić, Vladimir Nikolić, Klea Charitou.

More participants will be announced in the coming months.