Camila Marambio


Camila Marambio is a curator, private investigator, ecosensual, amateur dancer, and collaborative writer. In 2010, she founded the nomadic research program “Ensayos” on the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, at the Southernmost tip of Abya Yala. “Ensayos” brings together artists, scientists, activists, policy makers, and local community members, to exercise speculative and emergent forms of eco-cultural ethics at the world’s end. Work from “Ensayos” includes a web series, a listening series, a scent, a periodical, experimental performance, and has been presented in exhibitions at the New Museum of Art, New York; Tenerife Espacio de Artes (TEA), Canarias, Spain; Institute for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles; Bruce High Quality Foundation, New York; Kurant, Tromsø, Norway; PSi#22, Melbourne, Australia; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, France; Festival Puerto de Ideas, Valparaíso, Chile; Festival Cielos del Infinito, Puerto Williams, Chile. Marambio has a PhD in Curatorial Practice from the Monash University of Melbourne, Australia (2019), a Master’s degree from SPEAP (Science Po – Experimentation in Arts and Politics) in Paris, France (2012), and a Master’s degree (MA) in Modern Art: Critical & Curatorial Studies (MODA) from Columbia University in New York (2004). She was guest curator at the Extended Research project of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Research Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2020, and curatorial advisor of the Venice Biennale (2022). She is co-author of the books Slow Down Fast, A Toda Raja (Errant Bodies Press, 2019, written with Cecilia Vicuña) and Sandcastles: A Planetary Ethics of Softness (forthcoming, written with Nina Lykke). A recent postdoctoral fellow at The Royal Art Institute in Stockholm, with the support of The Seed Box: A Mistra-Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory of the Linköping University in Sweden, Camila is also the curator of the Chilean Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale. Camila is also a letter-writing dancer who practices mundane magic, finds delight in telling ancient circular stories, and is concerned with human/non-human health. Her solo performance work began with the dance piece S.O.L.A., which premiered at nada lokal in Vienna, Austria (2014), and toured around New York, Australia, and Chile. Currently, together with her long-time collaborator Ariel Bustamante, they are working on the piece Transit in the House of Cancer.