Nevena Radulović


Nevena Radulović is a theater director and performer in the field of music, contemporary dance, and acting. She studied theater directing in Belgrade at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, she graduated from a ballet school in Belgrade, and studied at P.A.R.T.S. Academy for two summer semesters. She also studied in Brussels and attended a music school for both solo and jazz singing courses. She is the creator of two full-length plays as an author and director. As a performer, she worked on numerous projects at the KC Magacin in the I Bitef Theater, collaborating with various institutions and European funds. Her interdisciplinary approach to art is currently manifested through projects such as performances in museums, and poetry evenings where the form of performance is based on movement, gesture, voice-pieces in which she participates either as an author or co-author. She actively sings in the sound system and the band “White Squall,” for which she writes lyrics in cooperation with other band members.