Podcast Series - Walking with Water

Episode 5: Eating the Aquatic Time

María Montero Sierra

In this podcast episode, María Montero Sierra, art historian, curator, and head of the program at TBA21–Academy, shares excerpts from her presentation at the Public Program Walking with Water in Novi Sad.

Her contribution unfolds in two consecutive acts, both delving into her extensive theoretical exploration of the connections between marine and human ecosystems, viewed through the lens of eating.

In the first act, titled "Embodying Time," María Montero reflects on the concept of time as perceived by both humans and more-than-human beings. She guides listeners through diverse recollections of voices, taking them on a journey across different sea and river waters.

The second act, a collaborative effort with the artist and educator Andrea Palasti, invites listeners to immerse themselves in an intervention and performative dinner party at the local restaurant Fish&Zeleniš, situated not far from the Danube shore. Engaging in a card play challenge, participants, through the communal act of dining together, share stories, rituals, drawings, and secrets.

The aim is to explore ecological transformations and unravel the mysteries of our aquatic future. Get acquainted with Woodiana the Mussel and her hosts as they guide you through this captivating experience.

By order of appearance, you have heard the soundtracks of Guillermo F. Zúñiga, Mytilus edulis El mejillón en Galicia, a documentary film from 1970, Alanis Obomsawin's film Salomon from 1975, Alexis Pauline Gumbs reading her story Three Tries, Diego Delas and Leonor Serrano Rivas's introducing their work, the soundtrack of Delas and Serrano film Breathings of the moon from 2022, the voices of Andrea Palašti, Srdjan Turukalov, Marija Karan, Biljana Ćirić, Valentinas Klimašauskas, Jelena Andžić, Eleni Riga, Vladimir Nikolić, Milica Jokic, Simona Dvorák, and Maja Bajevic.