Podcast Series - Walking with Water

Episode 6: A Future Fiction

Camila Marambio

In this podcast, Chilean curator and writer, Camila Marambio, beckoned us from a distance to imagine the future of their body in many lives from now.

During the Public Program in Novi Sad, we collectively read "A Future Fiction" in the original English language and its Serbian translation. In their story, resembling a tarantula outfitted with premonitory high-tech devices, Marambio has become a literary character who navigates the messy end of the world, asking us discomforting questions to provoke memories of where we have already been.

In this twisted call-and-response, they prodded – beyond fiction – and asked us to follow their instructions to read, watch, reflect, and act together/apart through a Postcard Instructional while they awaited on the other end of the line.

(Dis/)Embodying an operator of the Transhuman Call Center (an aural spirituality conceived by the artist Ariel Bustamante), Marambio had been expectantly waiting for one hour after we read the instruction for anyone or everyone to call, voice message, or text them with a confession – and a secret had been leaked.