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We are Happy to Introduce Balkan Projects' Innovative Mentorship Program

At Balkan Projects, we believe in the transformative power of mentoring. With this ethos at our core, we unveil our newly established mentorship program, meticulously tailored for artists originating from Balkan countries outside the European Union. It is our steadfast conviction that artists from the vibrant Balkan region deserve equal opportunities for learning, growth, and support.

In many aspects, Balkan countries often find themselves side-lined, lacking the mobility opportunities, funds, and attention that their EU counterparts receive. This stark disparity has motivated us to take action. We aim to bridge this gap by offering guidance, sharing experiences, and facilitating access to networks for artists in need of support. Additionally, we aim to foster engaging conversations to initiate, enhance, or complete a project. In doing so, we provide a platform where artistic talent can flourish uninhibited.

At the core of our online mentorship program are peer-to-peer methodologies for facilitating knowledge transfer and empowering artists to refine their craft and bring their creative visions to life. Our mentorship program lasts for an academic year (8 months) and will be flexible in order to address the specific needs and concerns of each participant. Through one-on-one feedback sessions, the mentees will have the invaluable opportunity to specify and develop their project ideas from proposal to production, bringing them closer to fruition.

At the heart of this initiative are three accomplished artists: Sam Durant, Angelo Plessas and Ana Prvački, who have graciously agreed to serve as mentors, each offering a wealth of expertise and guidance to mentees as they embark on their artistic journey. The goal of these encounters is a dynamic two-way learning process that will delve into not only the intricacies of artistic practice and production processes but also open up space for the important questions that shape the contemporary art landscape. This inquiry-driven approach, alongside the mentors' commitment to nurturing mentees' ideas, will form a framework for productive collaboration with clear objectives.

Join us on this journey of growth, discovery, and artistic collaboration. Together, let's shape this exchange to fuel experimentation, encourage dialogue, and push creative concepts into new territories. Let's redefine the narrative and unleash the boundless potential of creativity in the Balkans.

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Deadline: July 30th 2024.